Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 10!!!

I seriously love October and love my beautiful life! This past week was so amazing on many different levels. Monday was my 22nd birthday, if you know me then you know that I love birthdays; I love making them special for the person and making it the best day of the year for them. In return I love it being my special day, and this year was no different. I only asked for two things-1) to go to Thriller at the Tuacahn, and 2) a cake and/or vanilla frosting from the sweet tooth fairy bakery. My roommates did these things and much more! I woke up bright and early and found my bathroom to be decorated with streamers, balloons, and writing on the mirror. By 830 the calls and texts start rolling in, Austin being the first to text me. I then went to school got many hugs and happy birthdays there. I went to class and then at noon I headed home, when I got to my car in the parking lot I found that it had been decorated by my lovely roommates. I freaked out and couldn't stop laughing it was great. I then went to lunch and Walmart with my sister, then came home and opened presents. I got lots of fabulous items and am grateful to anyone who got me anything! We then took a little nap and then went to Brick Oven for dinner, since it was Monday night we got free root beer and it was delicious. Holly didn't come to dinner because she had "Homework" but when we returned home she had a surprise party waiting for me!! This was my first surprise party ever and it was so great, the house looked great and most of my friends were there too. We had cake and ice cream while socializing and then it was Thriller time. We piled into Tiana's car and headed out I love thriller and this year was no different. The whole first half was things I've already seen but the second part they did some new things. Overall it was a great show and I love Tiana, Randi and Holly for taking me. Thriller ended my special day and I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday was just as great as Monday, for one of my two meetings we assistants decided to go to Cafe Rio. It was the best, a meeting and a sweet pork salad are the perfect combination. Later that night we as an ICC went to Krave, I love being on the council with John, Jessica, Taylor, Kourtni, Chancen, Shane, Mark, and Kathleen. We work so well as team and have accomplished so much this semester and are definitely setting the bar for next years council.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked so nothing exciting happened, I had my year evaluation and got an excellent rating by my bosses. That was really cool because that's the highest rating you can get and I've also worked so hard to get courier of the quarter and really feel that this quarter is mine. We have our meeting next week and that's when we'll find out I'm crossing my fingers till then. Friday I had off and hung out with Austin, Shilo and Jason all afternoon hunting for their Halloween costumes. In the end they each found one and they matched their personalities to a T. I love these boys and don't know what I'd do without them.

Saturday I worked a morning shift it was the, since this was the first Saturday that we roommates all had off we decided to do a group date/Halloween party. I had the honor of going with the handsome Nick Rhodes, he and the rest of the dates met at our house at seven and we did caramel apples. This was the first time many of us had done apples so it was fun. Nick really wanted to go to the orchestra symphony concert at the college so we left the group and went to that. It was so awesome the students here at Dixie are so talented. We then met back up with the group and headed out to the corn maze! I love the corn maze every year and this year was no different. We started out as a group but eventually got separated as couples. This was Nick and I's first date so it was a perfect time to get to know each other and that's just what we did. After the maze we returned home to my house and watch the adams family, some of us stayed awake but the majority fell asleep. In the end it was a great first roommate group date and hopefully there are many more to come!

Overall I had a great week ten, I had two tests and kicked butt on them both. I also got all caught up on my gym hours and am on track to get an A. This week is a bit calmer the only
thing planned is work and a blood drive on Friday. There will be more things that come up I'm sure but it'll be good!

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  1. Ohhhh I am soooo happy you had such a great birthday!! I am envious of your roomies cuz I so badly wish I could've been with you to celebrate your special day! I actually contemplated coming down and surprising you with gifts in person and spoiling you like a princess but I had to work:( yay for being 22 pretty girl!!!!! We are the same age again!! Hoorah!!!!!!!!!