Monday, January 2, 2012

End of the Year Greatness!

The end of the year is always so busy! Christmas and New years are always the best, being with my family and closet friends is truly a blessing. Christmas means something different to everyone, for me Christmas is just spending time with my family that I don't get to see everyday. After moving away to college the past 2 Christmas seasons have just been different for me. My heart and mind are now in the right places and I have realized what really matters-the gospel and my family. I received many awesome things for Christmas and I'm so grateful for that but all I need are the things I've always had! My time at home this year was very short, because of work schedules we only had 4 days. I am very blessed for that much time I couldn't imagine not going home for Christmas. So we left St. George Christmas eve and headed to good ole Tooele county where we were faced with no snow and warmish weather-I was a little upset. Later that afternoon we went to my grandparents house where we have a big dinner and then Santa and Mrs. Claus come to give us an early present; I love this tradition and just shed a tear or two every year, this year was no different. My grandparents are the only ones that don't sit on Santa's lap and get a present (they plan it and aren't going to give themselves a present) so my family decided that we'd slip something into the bag. They loved it!! My grandma started crying she was so happy and excited. It was the best present I got this year just seeing her face when she opened the present from 'Santa'.

Christmas Day was very different this year because it fell on a Sunday, it was very uplifting though and definitely put me in the right state of mind. My parents have come so far, they haven't always been strong in the gospel but they are today and that is all that matters! They spoke in sacrament on Christmas and they were the best talks about the birth of our Savior that I have ever heard. I have never been so proud of them I just love them so much. I really do have the best parents ever. The rest of our time home we just spent as a family-watching lots of movies, playing games, and eating as much food as we could! 
    We returned to St. George late Tuesday night and had a little roommate reunion, us four 201 girls are so fortunate that we have jobs and that Dixie has become our second home so we can all be here together for the holidays and ring in the new year. We decided to throw a  New Years Eve party with all our friends, and man did we party! We had slush, tons of food, Wii 'just dance 2', and the classic board game curses! It was seriously so much fun!  

Pineapple Slush
All our junk food


After all the fun and games we watched the ball drop and then said our goodbyes. 2011 was one of those equilibrium years...plenty of good and bad things happened to me. I really can't wait to see what this year has in store for me 2012 BRING IT!!!

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  1. So glad you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!! love you girl! p.s. I may have to steal your flashy 2012 pic for mine!