Friday, December 23, 2011

Out with the old in with the new!

** disclaimer: This post was supposed to be published last Friday before Christmas...sorry **
Since last Friday so much has happened, school is out so now I have more time to do those things I enjoy like staying up late with my roommates! On Sunday we had a CMC party (Christmas movie and cookie party) with all our friends. I am very blessed and grateful for the people in my life! Tiana made her famous sugar cookies and then we watched the legendary Christmas story it was so great!! We also did something bad...since we roommates are so close we just decided that everyone would get a present or two for everyone. Our tree has been packed for weeks and every night we just want to open them all but we never do. Until after our CMC party when we just couldn't wait anymore!!!!! So we did it! We opened all our presents!!!! It was so great, my roomies know me so well and I got everything I wanted and more! Nick was our Santa and picture taker thank you Nicholas!! (St Nick...ha ha I just thought of that)

Monday and Tuesday were my last working days until next Wednesday which is always exciting. Tuesday and Wednesday my papa came down and helped my buy a new car! It is a 2008 Honda accord and I just love it, it is a lot longer than my other one but I'll get use to that soon. It also has so much room and all the extra things that I wanted too it was just a dream come true. 

This week I dejunkified my closet it was really fun to go through stuff and find stuff that has been in it since I moved in. Holly then cleaned out her stuff and that was so fun to go through all her stuff that she has kept since Jr high!! Last night we did a back to the future marathon, I just love back to the future! Since Holly is at work and all my roomies are already home for Christmas today I am home alone. I am not sure what to do with myself, I will probably just pack for home, clean my apartment, oh and do my new years resolutions. I love how the end of one year and the beginning of another is a time for change. I love making goals that I really do try and keep for a whole year! I love this feeling of being able to better myself and my habits! Wish me luck! I hope that everyone has a very very very merry Merry Christmas!

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