Friday, December 16, 2011

Well look who it is...

Yes it is I..Heather Moat. I am sorry that I have not blogged in a couple weeks but I have just been so busy with life that I have not had time. Since my last post which was November 7th lots has happened: school, Breaking Dawn premier, more school, work, Thanksgiving, and more school. The end of the semesters are always the hardest I think-I usually get very tired, over whelmed, stressed and just burnt out! I have no motivation to do anything that has to do with being productive and I hate it. Well these feelings are all gone because officially today at 10:58am I became a free women!! At least untill 8am Monday January 9, 2012 when spring semester starts...but we aren't thinking about that until um January 8th maybe not even then. This chrstmas break will be the bomb I am getting a much needed new car so I can make it home for a Christmas, I am also hanging out with anyone who wants to (roommates, Case face, Maria, Dallas, and anyone else who calls me haha). I also decided today that this break I need to dejunkify my room/hall closet so that'll be fun! I am just excited to stay up as late as I want and sleep as late as I want too. I'm mostly excited to have no major responsibilities for 3 weeks and no reason to go to this place either!

In other news, November and December have gone by super fast. Here are some highlights: I registered and got my life for the spring figured out! I am taking Microbiology with the lab, Elements of Effective Communication, Social Dance, Coop and fitness center! I am on the wait list for a nutritions class hopefully I can get in! Most of these are new to me so it'll be an interesting semester but bring it on! I also took pictures with my sister, she works at sears and they gave a free photo session to each employee so she decided we would do it! It was so much fun, we ordered a cd so here are some of our favorites! I love my sister with all my heart and would be lost without her. She's my best friend and I am grateful for her everyday! Thanksgiving was the bomb just like it is every year! Hailey and I have this thing where we like to see big movies together like Harry Potter 7 pt II and Breaking Dawn pt I. It was so good, I have read every book of this series except breaking dawn...but I will eventually! On Thanksgiving we went to Bountiful to my grandparents house, everything was so delicious and I loved being with my family.

Since Holly works in retail she had to be back to work black friday, so we drove to St George that night after dinner. It actually worked out for the best because Tiana was going to Phoenix Friday and invited me to come with her! I really do love road trips-good music, new adventures, and lots of Dr pepper! She was going home to babysit her niece and nephew Madie and Chase; if anyone knows me you know I LOVE kids and hope to have 5 of my own someday. So the three days we babysat were tough but also so enjoyable. I didn't get many pictures but here are some when we went to the park. I love these two munchkins and hope to babysit them again!

November was great and December so far has been such a blur but at the same time I have already done so much. With that, I am ending this post and starting a new one just for December so if your interested continue on reading my 'It's beginging to look a lot like Christmas' post!

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  1. Um hello!!!!!!!! My name wasn't included in the "hang out" you said roomates but what about ex roomies? So here it is, you said if we requested it it would happen: Heather Moat, I want to hang out with you over Christmas Break. Thanks and much love!