Friday, December 16, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm sure everyone can agree when I ask where has December gone??? Sheesh this is our last weekend until Christmas and by golly the streets of St. George are packed too! But I love this season and wish it would never end! Even though December has gone by super fast a ton of things have happened in my life! December 3rd my dear friend Nick Smith got baptized, it was such a good baptism and I cried my eyes out. I just love when people accept the gospel and find true happiness! The Church was booked so we had to have a reception in our very own was a little stressful at first but then it all worked out! December also comes with it's fair share of Christmas parties, I haven't been to as many as Tiana has but 4 is enough for me. By far my favorite has been the student government one; I love the people I work with and just had a great night! The Tuacahn ampitheater does a live nativity thing every year and Randi had the brilliant idea that we should all go. So Rand, Nick, Hol, Jrad, T, Brandon, Aub and I piled in cars all bundled and warm and headed out. It was such a spiritual experience and helped me remember that this season is about Christ and not presents!

I really do love living in the sun 360 days of the year, the other 5 are rainy and cloudy, but I do miss the snow! So we decided heck lets drive to the snow, if it won't come to us we'll go to it. So last weekend Tiana, Holly, Aub and I went sledding in Cedar it was so much fun! There wasn't as much snow as we hoped but it was good enough and we will be going again with the rest of our gang soon. That same night after we got back we went to see New Years Eve! It was such a cute movie and I will be buying it when it comes out. This past week was finals so glad to be done and it was also Tiana's birthday! I love this girl so much and hope she had the best birthday, we took a 24 balloon bouquet to her work and then took her to Artic circle for lunch. After work she went to dinner with Brandon and then came home to friends and a freaking delicious ice cream cake from the DQ lounge. We ended the night with Glee scene it and back rubs! I always fret that I never do enough for special days so I hope everything was so great for her.

This week I am finishing Christmas shopping, buying a car, and then going HOME!!!! I will be back in St George before new years because I have to work so it's just a short trip home but I don't mind. That is all I have for you so I hope everyone else travels safe and has a great Christmas break!!

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