Monday, December 12, 2011

The terrific Tiana!!

Today is December 13, 2011 and 22 years ago my very bestest pal
Tiana Marie Heid was born.

There is way to much to tell you about Tiana, but I'm going to try my very best! She is just so great! She is from Glendale Arizona, she went to Cactus High School (home of the cobras) class of 2008. She has 2 brothers Tyler and Trevor and one sister Tiffany. She now has 2 sister in laws, one brother in law, 2 nieces and 3 nephews! She loves to travel so she's basically been everywhere. Her favorite trip so far has been her trip Washington DC.

Christmas of 2008

Christmas of 2009

She has been here at Dixie State college since the fall of 2008, she received her associate of science degree and is now working at the IHC health and performance center with the Southwest spine and pain center. She is a great leader and planner that is why she was on student government for a year.

She absolutely loves Mexican food: Poncho and Lefty's, Durangos and Chipotle are among her top three. She enjoys getting pedicures and manicures, and getting her hair cut/dyed! She loves, loves LOVES getting her back scratched and rubbed any time and all the time. Her favorite drink is Dr pepper with lots and lots of crushed ice. She prefers McDonalds breakfast over any breakfast in town. She is literally a glee fanatic! She watches each episode sometimes twice, and downloads the music a week early! She loves late 80s early 90s music, The Rocket summer is her favorite band and she occasionally loves Shania Twain. Her favorite holiday is Christ
mas- she loves the tree, the lights, the presents, and the music! She never really has a sweet tooth more of a salty one...all the time. Her favorite smoothie from orange peel is the Big Kahuna. She is one of the best bowlers I know, she also makes the best batch of mac and cheese every time she makes it! Here are some of my favorite Tiana pictures:

Tiana is seriously one of the friendliest people I know, she's so outgoing and always wanting to get to know other people. She never leaves anyone out and is always there as a shoulder to cry on, or to go get ice cream on a very depressed day! Tiana is also so strong and such and example to me everyday! She is just doing so well and I am so proud of her everyday!! I love you Tiana and don't you EVER FORGET IT!!!

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  1. Aww I just love you cute girls so much! I can't wait till you blog about me!:) My half birthday is March 8th, just in case you was wondering. LOVE YOU!!:)XOXO