Thursday, January 5, 2012

winter break!

I LOVE winter break! There is no school for weeks, no homework, lots of family time, and did I mention no homework or school. I honestly can't believe that it is over and that I am approaching on my last weekend before the spring of 2012. With that, I want to tell you all about my break! I did so much in the 3 weeks I had off. I bought an amazing car which I am still in love with, hung out with my family and closet friends, dejunkified my room, worked a ton and still found plenty of time to just relax. December is also the time for TV seasons to end for a few weeks and then start back up in January, they do this so I can re watch episodes while I am on break. This break was all about GLEE! Tiana owns all the seasons and there is only 2 and 1/2 so I figured what the heck might as well start over. I have loved every minute of it! It is fun to see them in the beginning and then to watch them now and to see how everyone came to be in Glee club...I am such a nerd and only Glee fans know what I mean. It is also so great to fall in love with songs that I hated the first time around. I never was a hard core glee fan but let it be known that Heather Moat is now a hard core Finn Hudson loving fan! I can't wait until Tuesday for the new episodes to start I am so ready.

We are both GLEEKS!

The break allowed me to hang out with so many of my friends, I  rekindled a great friendship with Case-face Wininger and we hung out so much. We had a giant sleepover, and hung out all day the next day! She is coming over tonight for the new Once Upon a Time and dinner, and since she has no school on Fridays that is going to be our friends find adventure Friday... FFAF it's going to be epic! Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a roommate reunion with Karissa, Mitra, and Case-face. It was awesome!! I have never had a RR before but I loved every minute of it. They all came to my house and we made some delicious chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. It was just great to catch up and meet Kar's husband (he is so great and I approve) and Mitra's dogs Charlie (if you know Mitra she loves this dog so it was great to finally meet her). We just had a great time and it makes me want to do another one with Aly, Jacie, Lindsey, and Hayley! Lets not forget the current roommates I have who are the and who were the friends I hung out with the most. Holly, Tiana, and Randi you girls are my best friends and I would literally die without you! I love every minute of every day spent with you 3 and dread the day that we get separated. We spent this break doing many sleepovers, way to late of nights, Temple visits, and doing so much more together!

I believe  that is all I really did over the break! I have decided (just now) that I am ready for school to start...I just need a routine and I need to get my sleeping schedule back...I need to go to the gym and I need to be busy!! I will hate doing homework and having to study but I just miss the feeling of going to campus and seeing all my fellow DSC students! It's weird but true! So first week school...Here I come!!!!

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  1. Miss Heather, you never fail to put the biggest smile on this girl's face! Love you to the moon and back times infinity plus one!:)