Monday, July 15, 2013

Never Ending Adventures!

Last week I feel like I did so much! Monday FHE to Veyo, Tuesday Temple night with Lindsey and Natalie, Wednesday afternoon Nat and I had a little Mary Kay facial/makeup party. She signed up a long time ago to do one and we finally did it. The consultant was this cute little old lady I loved her! Later that night I went to institute and I am so glad I did. I really needed the lesson we had and I know that I was supposed to be there. After institute I went with a group to village inn for free pie night, it was my first time with this group and I really had such a fabulous time! After pie we went to Kira's apartment and played one crazy game of phase ten! I stayed up way past my bed time and was super tired Thursday morning but it was totally worth it.

Thursday I went to the orthodontist, my teeth don't look like I want them to so I am fixing them...the problem is my stupid insurance doesn't cover adult orthodontics so it will be really expensive but worth it in the end right? I hope so. Last week it also rained a lot! Friday we were even in a flood warning! I was supposed to go an outdoor movie but it got canceled so I ended up going to Old Navy and Target! I literally spent a good hour or so in Target I love that place. After all that I went to the Eves to play some Mario Kart, then went to Dennys with Darren and Kira. Saturday I got up bright and early watched The Following with Nick, then headed to Kanarraville with members from my ward. We were few in number-like 10 people showed-but we still had the best Saturday afternoon ever. If you have never been to the Kanarraville Falls you must put it on your bucket list and do it before summer is over! It was amazing up there and people are already talking about going again this weekend. After the hike we got lunch, then I watched/napped through the third Batman. Then we got a group together to play games, eat sonic shakes, and watch the first Batman. Believe it or not that was my first time seeing Batman Begins...I know gasp and freak out a little...I just never watched it and I don't know how I never wondered how batman became batman or how his parents died or anything! It's mind boggling to me and I feel like my life is now complete having seen the Batman Trilogy.

Plus I loved spending Time with Randi Stratton!! She text me Saturday before we left and asked if she could go with me! I almost cried! I have missed hanging out with her and can't wait to see her again!

Sunday was a very emotionally draining day first because I heard the very sad news about Cory Monteith AKA Finn Hudson dying. It was so sad to me and I really wanted it to be an April fools joke. It obviously wasn't and I know he will be missed and Glee will not be the same without him. Second sadness of the day my YSA bishopric got released! I love those three men and they will be greatly missed, but I am also very excited to get to know our new bishopric. After church Nick and I had dinner with the Eves, then we watched the second Batman and played games. The last sad thing about yesterday was that I miss my dear best friend Aubrey! Her sister came to church with us and it just made me think about her a lot. We are in the works of getting together before school starts up and I cannot wait for that day!! 

Tonight for FHE we are playing ultimate frisbee and it is going to be awesome if we don't get rained out! I love all this rain because it cools down a lot but I sort of miss the sunshine and heat...just sort of! 

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