Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last week of June!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun, I really cannot believe that June is over already and that we only have a month and a half of summer left! It's so crazy! When I said last week was super hot I lied...this past week we had record breaking temps! I past a temperature sign on Friday that said 126...granted I don't think it was quite that hot but for the thermometer to be that hot is nuts. Monday for FHE we we joined like 5 other wards and went out to Sand Hollow, it was rough getting into the lake but once we got in it was so fun. We had boats, food, 2 volleyball nets, and beach soccer. It was perfect and I am so glad we had the opportunity to go. I wish we would of had more come but what can you do. Tuesday night I went to this thing called Kalamity with Natalie, it was just a dance practice sort of like zumba. Now I can't dance..like at all..so it was a bit embarrassing for me at times but by the end I learned the dance and had a good workout. After that I hung out with Aubrey since she finally came back from her 4 day vacation-I am gonna be a mess when she leaves for weeks at a time-we just hung out and caught each other up on our lives.

Wednesday was a super busy day, I worked then went to the work med for a renewal of my medical card-I passed with flying colors! Then I did some visiting teaching, then hung out with Aubrey. We cleaned her house like it was no body's business and got so much done in like 2 hours! During our cleaning Austin, Shilo, Shauni, and Nick convinced us to come out and play. We sat around the fire and had smores and just talked about life. It was so good out hang out with them and hopefully we can do it again very soon! Thursday night Nat, Connor, Nick and I all had a delightful dinner together-I love family dinners they are the bomb! After dinner nothing really happened, we just got packed and ready for Manti. I was driving us to Manti so I had to get my tires rotated and gas up and stuff like that so I did that. Friday after I got off work Aub, Nick, and I hit the road for the Manti Pageant! This was our first time going so were all super excited! We made it in dang good time and got there at about the same time the stake did. Our stake is awesome and took whoever wanted to go the pageant and paid for everything! Some took buses others drove themselves and got reimbursed-such a sweet deal! They fed us two meals dinner and breakfast and even had a place for us to stay after the pageant. Such an awesome opportunity and I could not miss taking advantage of it all! So we got there and ate a fabulous dinner, then drove around, then went and sat in our seats until the pageant started. It was seriously such a testimony builder and I loved it! It was very well done and I hope to go again next year. After the pageant and 30 minutes of traffic we finally got to Ephraim where we stayed at the park place apartments, by the time we got there we were all so tired that we just passed out. We woke early and made it to the Temple by 7:15. We got into the baptistry and found that it was packed, we got a little worried but they worked us in and had us out by 8:00!!! It was just perfect. We took some pictures outside and got delicious donuts from Millers-they were to die for! We ate and then started our drive home and made it back to St George around noon.

The rest of day was spent trying to keep cool: we went to the pool, sonic to get happy hour drinks, and went to the river and played river volleyball. I have become very good at volleyball and our team kicked some trash. 

June was fabulous but I am so excited for July! It has only been 8 days into July but it has been a fabulous 8 days and I can't wait to share my 4th of July post later this week! 

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