Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well this week sure was a hot one!! I hate having a winter season because it takes me so long to adjust back into the heat of St George summers! Sometimes being outside is just miserable and all you want is to get inside an air conditioned building or car! I can't wait to go up north for the 4th of July and get out of this heat for a few days.

Since it has been so hot, for Monday's FHE we decided to play river volleyball! It was so much fun and we have some awesome volleyball players and the games were pretty intense at times. Tuesday I went to the Temple early then hung out with Aubrey after she got off work. Since she is moving soon she is sort of a mess so after she gets off work I help her as much as I can. We do paper work, applications, pack, clean, and whatever else she needs help with. So after all that we went hot tubing then went to bed. Wednesday I went to institute then we watched a movie or something. Thursday she had a really crappy terrible day so we decided to make sugar cookies, make my "satche jar", do some crayon art (which still isn't done), run random errands, and watch a ridiculous amount of One Tree Hill. It was so fun just to do whatever we wanted and not have to worry about anything. I really am gonna miss her and it's going to take a long time to adjust to life without my best friend around all the time. I am hoping that getting new roommates in the fall will help, and I have been persuaded maybe to sell Mary Kay (more on that to come) so between both situations I should be able to make more friends in no time!

Friday morning at work I had a coworker ask me what my weekend plans were-I always have some sort of plan-but for once I had no clue. I had one thing planned for 2 hours on Saturday that was it. Friday I got off then hung with Tiana until her and Brandon left for Vegas, I then came home and took a little nap. After my nap I mostly hung out with Nick all night. We went to chick fil a, then I cleaned my kitchen, then we watched this awesome show called The Following!! It is seriously so twisted but so good! Since the second that superman came out Nick has been hounding us to go with him so I finally gave in on Friday and went with him to see it. It might have been cause I was tired and it was a 10:10 showing but I wasn't very impressed with the movie. He liked it and that's all that mattered. 

Saturday morning I got invited to a 'Diva Day', it sounded so fun and I really was so excited to go with Torri. We got there and immediately were taught about Mary Kay products. I fell in love with a couple of the things we used and I felt so pretty after, its a miracle what a little eye cream and eye liner can do for a girl. After we got our makeup done we headed over to the hair station. I love getting my hair done so this was awesome. After we were all done we then got a few glamour shots-that was really the point of the whole day was to get pictures for a photography business. One of my friends from student government Chandler was there and we got talking about Mary Kay and how she liked working for them, the more we talked and the more I learned about Mary Kay I just had to become a part of it. I have done some research and am feeling really strong about doing this! If any of you have ever done something like this feel free to give me your input! I have also been contemplating becoming a big sister with big brother big sister, I just have so much free time right now and just want to serve people too! I have some things to pray about and just need to move forward with things! After the diva day we watched another episode of the following, took a nap, cleaned some more, then hung out with Darren. We went for a walk, and then watched New Years Eve. My weekend was unplanned but it definitely worked out and I really have more friends and opportunities than I thought! 

I hope to have an answer with these decisions this week...or next week...or whenever! Decision making is such a process and sometimes I really hate it. Wish me luck! 

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