Monday, June 10, 2013

Hustle and Bustle of Summer time!

I seriously cannot believe how fast summer is going! May is over and I hate it! Summer is the only season that I love it to go slow...despite it's quickness I have been very busy! One weekend we decided that we really needed a good Mesquite trip, so we gathered in two cars and headed out. We got there and decided to bowl then play bingo. We always compete couples VS couples and Bob and I always loose....bowling is just not our strong suit. No one in our group had any luck at bingo either but maybe next time. I loved this date with these fools and cannot wait till our next Mesquite adventure!

The last couple of months my department have done little get togethers outside of work! This month we did a pool party/BBQ at a coworkers house. It was so much fun!! I loved playing with kids and also just being with my coworkers! It was different then being at work, except the fact that even outside of work I get picked's ridiculous! After the BBQ Bob and I went to the Merrill's house for date night. We made orange Julius and played the Mexican train game. It was Bob and I's first time and we loved it!! It is seriously such a fun game, and a night well spent with Holly and Dustin. 

The best part of my days lately have been dinner time with Bob-we cook, dance, sing, and just have a good time. Last week we had corn on the cob, I LOVE corn on the cob!! If he would let me I would eat it every night! 

Since about the middle of April I have been very bad about going to the gym, like I go once a week if that! Last week I finally went and it felt so good!! I really do love the gym and just need to be motivated and go more often. It has also been forever since I have had a legit girls night with my closest friends, so one Wednesday we decided to get treats and change that! We all met at my house then went to the DQ lounge where we might have stayed and chatted for over an hour...we are nerds. Then we came back to my house and sat around the fire for a while then called it a night! I seriously love these girls with every fiber of my being and know that we will be friends for many many years.

Randi, Me, Holly, Tiana, and Aubrey.
Ever since I met Bob all he wears is contacts, he never wears his glasses even if I beg him! Well he finally wore them for me! It was only for a couple hours but I still enjoyed it! He also let me shave his face...that might sound weird but I really had a good time! Plus I am a pro at shaving men! 

I also had the opportunity to meet the Kane side of Bob's family! It was such a fun experience and I love his family especially his cute little 90 year old grandpa!! He was such a cutie and I seriously wanted to take him home with me. Our day started out at the Temple doing baptisms, it was such a neat experience to have Bob be our priesthood leader in doing our ordinances. We then went Beaver Dam and met the remainder of his family then we all went shooting. I have never seen a family reunion more legit- when he said we were going shooting I had no idea what I was getting myself into. They had guns, ammo, targets, and just a love for shooting new guns! I loved seeing him interact with his family. After shooting we went back to his grandpas and were on our own until 5:00 when dinner happened. After dinner we just talked then left because we were both so tired. Beaver Dam is not that far from St George but it was so hot!!! We wanted to die all day...but it was still great! Until next time Kane family! 

St George does this wonderful thing in the summer time called Sunset on the Square, it's where they show movies on the big screen for free! It's so great and I love going every time they show one! You will also notice that I am not wearing my glasses!!! I recently got contacts and love them. There are times when I forget I am not wearing glass but still try to push them up or play with them when I am nervous-it is embarrassing! 

For memorial day Bob and I hung out all day! It was so great to just be with him and have no other responsibilities. We woke up and went fishing at skyline pond but didn't catch anything, everyone around us did though! It was ridiculous! You will notice in the pictures below that my idea of fishing is standing in the shade and watching him do his thing.

He has some terrible hat hair plus the sun is blinding us! 

He is thinking deep here...

Best view right here folks! 
Ever since the Pirate Cove pizza place opened I have been dying to go there so I finally twisted Bob's arm hard enough and he took me. It was delicious and I would eat there every Friday if I could. After that we went on a little hike then came back and watched the Goonies! You see what we did there?? Pirate Pizza and Pirate movie...we are legit just admit it! 

Also Last weekend I had the great opportunity to baby sit my coworkers children! They are adorable and I had such an awesome time!! I was nervous at the beginning and a little rusty but in the end I was fine. I miss babysitting and hope they let me do it again!

I recently received a new calling-I am the activities chair in my singles ward! It was a bit overwhelming at first but I have adjusted and can't wait to dive in more and get things rolling! We already had a meeting yesterday and planned July...let me just say we are awesome and I love my committee! 

I guess that is about it for May there was just a lot of hanging out with this handsome man! I am seriously very lucky to have attracted such an awesome man and look forward to creating more great times with him! 

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  1. Heather I loved reading about all your adventures.... when did you meet this man, and where? You two look amazing together. when I see these pictures I hear the sound of your laughter (from young womens) You and your sister Holly have ALWAYS been such an inspiration to me.... keep up enjoying your journey.... Sis. Criner