Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Beginnings

October is my FAVORITE month! For multiple reasons:the weather, General Conference, Halloween, Birthday celebrations and much much more. So far the weather has been so delightful, for my job I drive every morning to Beaver, Utah and it is freezing already. I am not ready for this weather at all..but it is coming whether I like it or not. I love driving back to St George everyday and experiencing the 72 degree paradise-it is the best. This past weekend was General Conference!! I seriously love conference and this year was no different. I woke up early Saturday morning and went to a service project that was held on Temple grounds. For some reason they had us pull all the flowers out of the flower beds, when Randi and I got there we found there were so many people and not enough work. We still got to do a few things but not as much as we wanted. We then went to my house for a crepe breakfast with the roommates and then watched conference. During the break Bob and I went to wingers for lunch and then came home and finished the Saturday session. Since Saturday night is the Priesthood session my friends and I always get together and go out to dinner. This session we chose Red Robin (no surprise there), we ate then went shopping at Target and Old Navy. We finished the night watching Mean Girls, painting nails, and eating strawberry cookie dough shakes from Arctic Circle.

Sunday we woke up for a waffle breakfast then watched the first session, napped during the break then Bob and I went to the Eves. We decided to watch the Sunday afternoon session as old roommates with new husbands-or boyfriends in my case. We watched and then ate a big dinner afterwards, we are all such good cooks and it was super fun. More Sunday dinners with them to come for sure! After dinner everyone left but me so we decided to watch Hunger Games...we are all so excited for the second one to come out!!

So far this past week has been a pretty normal week, just work and trying to do homework! Tuesday I helped Bob pack a storage unit; he is moving and his new room is smaller than his old one and he just doesn't have enough room. So he decided to buy a unit and put all his extra stuff in it. That night we watched fireworks outside my bedroom window-it was awesome. Then Bob and I went out to Applebees with the Eves-Bob seriously loves Applebees and he could eat there everyday if I let him. Wednesday my sister and brother in law were able to find out the sex of their little one!! Any guesses?? Times up! Its..a..little..GIRL!!! YAY! I am so happy to be getting a niece and cannot wait to buy things for her.

They were blindfolded and had to put their hands in paint then on the canvas! Super Cute!

Thursday Bob and I went to the Temple, we have been meaning to go but just haven't had time. I love going to the Temple with him and look forward to it each and every week. After the Temple we went to the Atkin home to help them paint. I have been meaning to get over there for a while now but I never have. I was so glad we could go help them. Friday Bob was out of town and so was Dustin so Holly and I decided to have a girls night. It has been so long since we have had a full night together. We went shopping, and got Yogurtland! It was really good to hang out with her and vent her my concerns. Somehow she makes me feel much better, she always knows what to say.

Saturday I just did my own thing-slept in, cleaned house, went to the gym, decorated for Halloween, did some homework, and watched Harry Potter! It was a good productive day and I really needed it. Today I had meetings and it was fast Sunday...not a good combination! In the end it was a good Sunday and a good ending to a great weekend! 

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