Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthdays and New Jobs!

This past week was a fun one! I type that with a lot of sarcasm. I literally thought it was Friday on was horrible! I suppose the whole week wasn't too bad, there were some positives. Monday for FHE we played broom hockey with the Bloomington Hills ward. It was so much fun, a little violent but so fun! Tuesday night Bob and I didn't want to cook dinner so we went to Wendy's. Wednesday night I really had the craving for some pie so Bob and I went to Village Inn and got some free apple pie! It was the best thing ever and we will probably go again this week. Thursday after work I had the awesome and great opportunity to see Aubrey!!! She was in town for her fall break and I was so thrilled to spend a whole afternoon with her!! We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Nick and Kenzie (Just like old times), then went an ran errands, then went hot tubing! Seriously it was like she never moved away!! I almost cried when she dropped me off, I miss her so much and was so sad to see her go! 

Village Inn
Friday night we went on a group date with the Blacks, and Eves-the Merrills were out of town. We all met at Dairy Queen then went to the Corn Maze! It was super fun and so great to go out with them. Saturday morning I woke up early to accompany my grandma Monosso to a funeral of her sister. It was very sad and even though I have never met her sister I know she was a very good woman and will be missed by a lot of people. The good thing about the gospel is, we will see her again and someday I will get to meet her-such a beautiful thing! After the funeral I hung out with Bob-we went shopping, took a nap, went to wingers for his birthday dinner, and just spent the whole rest of the day being together. I love that man so much, more than I ever thought I could. Sunday was his 26th birthday so I made him breakfast and gave him presents. After church we did dinner with the Merrills and my grandma Robinson (double grandma weekend I loved it!). Then we ended the night with Cheesecake and a walk. I loved spoiling him on his special day and can't wait to do it many more times.

Collage I made for instagram on his birthday 

This week has been good thus far, Monday I finally got the guts and time to donate plasma at Biolife. It really wasn't bad at all and something I will work into my weekly routine. Monday night for FHE we did a bonfire!! It was Legen..wait for it..dary! There was easily 100+ people, it was so fun!! I love my ward and my activities committee! I couldn't do FHE each week without them! Yesterday I worked and then babysat for my coworker-I freaking love their kids! Today after work I had my second interview with Target and guess who is the newest Target team member?! This girl!! I was so happy when he told me! Such a good feeling to get something you need and want! It is going to be hard for Bob and I since we now both work two jobs (he works nights at Sportsmans Warehouse) but we will be ok!

This week also happens to be my golden birthday! 24 on the 24th! YAY! I love birthdays, especially mine (is that vain?). I am so excited to have the whole weekend off and can't wait to see what my birthday brings!

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