Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are we there YET????

I wish I was referring to a road trip...but of course I am referring to school. The countdown began long ago and I cannot wait for May 4th to come and go. The last week was spent studying and working...If  I wasn't working then chances are I was either at the library or at Aubs house. It was torture!! I have so many projects and miscellaneous things to do that I have sticky notes and to do lists all over my planner! Only three more weeks of the sticky notes then the only thing I have to worry about is not getting enough sun! 

As a college student you have to find a way to balance everything-social life, work life, and obviously school life. Sometimes I manage pretty well other times I don't. This week was alright, Monday I only studied till 7 then hung out with roommates. Tuesday I did student Gov. things-it was one of those epic meetings. Being a leader has it's perks but at the same time you make your best judgement about situations and hope it was the right thing to do. We as an ICC have just had a couple things to handle and we did what we knew was the best thing to do. Wednesday and Thursday I worked and had a grand ole time-we talked about where you would draw the line when dating someone. Like if they had one arm, or were paralyzed, or had weird habits. Let me tell ya I have never laughed so hard at work. Some of the things that my fellow employees came up with were hilarious!! Thursday night after work and studying Holly, Randi, Aub and I decided to go see the Hunger Games! It was so GOOD! I cried, laughed and was just amazed. I have never read the books but I really want to. 

Friday we did our campus to community- we laid sod around our new Holland building. There was so much area to cover and the student body delivered. We laid everything in an hour and a half. It was just a great event and I am so grateful that all the students came out and helped. I don't know if you have ever laid sod or not but each roll is pretty heavy and I was a little sore the next day.


Friday after work we had girls night-we made cookies and watched made of honor. Saturday I worked-drove to Kanab nothing too exciting. Today was a very spiritual and uplifting day, Easter always is.  I learned how to better become closer to my Savior. I would not be here without him and I wouldn't make it back to my Heavenly Father without him

This next week is one of my most favorite weeks-DWEEK! There is something going on everyday and all but one of the events is free! So all you Dixie State College students be sure to get out and feel that Dixie Spirit!!

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