Sunday, April 15, 2012

DWEEK 2012

I love DIXIE and I love DWEEK!!! The week was full of fun activities and great things to do every night. Monday was our kickoff, we decided to be different this year and have an art contest. The theme for this years Dweek was "Dixie spirit you can feel it, you can hear it" Each club, student, and staff had the opportunity to draw what the Dixie spirit meant to them. We have a huge fountain in the middle of campus and a cement area around it, that is where the kickoff was held. It was a lot of fun and here are some of my favorites:

Tuesday was the annual D Queen pageant, we had 17 contestants and it was a very competitive night. Chancen and Abby were the emcees and were so funny! This was the only event all week that we had to charge for because of the venue so our student turnout wasn't so good which was too bad because there were some awesome talents! In the end Jacee Whatcott was named the D Queen for 2012.

Case face and I 

The royalty and more

Every Dweek we as a student body we break a record, last year was the biggest arm wrestle this year was....the biggest THUMB wrestle! It was legit and so much fun, plus this years shirts was so awesome! We got in three lines and wrestled our thumbs for five minutes-afterwards my thumbs were so sore!

Friday was the best day of all! DWeek includes the Great Race and Carnival. The Great race has been around since Dixie State started-it stopped for a few years but then made a come back. It's a ten man team relay race with your not so typical events. It begins and ends with a run and has a base run, roller blades, mountain biking, swimming, a mud pit, and a slip 'n slide.  Being on a team is obviously a volunteer thing and this year I really wanted to be a part of a team. So after an internal battle I joined the student government team! We didn't win but we still had an awesome time! My event was the mad dash to the end...literally! In the end the Xclub took the victory! I was satisfied with that, the alumni or "forever Rebels" have won it the last two years and needed to be dethroned so way to go Xclub!

My team! We were team REDefine
After the great race we headed to the carnival, usually it is outside but because the weather was bad we had to move it inside. It was so fun all the clubs put together a booth and it was packed the whole time. I really just had such a great time with my sister! It's not very often that we get a sister date so I love every minute of the one's we do get! We didn't take many pictures because it was so busy and I had to take roll of all the booths but just know that we had an awesome time together! They had two huge blow up obstacle course things that we raced through, they also had an indoor blow up dodge ball thing. We sat outside that thing and laughed at the kids for almost half an hour. We made up scenarios and held on to the balls so that kids couldn't take them. We got food, tats and ice cream. Did I mentioned I loved it?

Xclub brought the Nintendo game 'Duck Hunt' Holly loved it!

You eyein' my popcorn??

Saturday we got up early and whitewashed the D on the hillside so bold. It really is my favorite thing of the year. Students have been whitewashing the D for 98 years and counting. If you have never been up to the D you really should go and look out at the valley it is beautiful! 


It was Holly's first time..she really enjoyed it!

After whitewashing and eating an amazing breakfast we went home took a nap then went to work. I drove to Kanab, it rained all the way and even snowed in some parts. It was definitely an interesting drive and it was fun to play in the snow for a while!

After work Hol and I got dolled up and went to the dance. Normally dances are not my scene but being a member of student government makes it my scene. The room was decorated great, the refreshments were awesome and the DJ was the best I've ever seen!

After the dance we came home, watched law and order then called it a night! Dweek was the and if it wasn't so stressful I'd want it to happen every week! I love my dear Dixie school am grateful to all the people who put Dweek together and made it run smoothly! 

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