Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kind Kari!

Well today is December 22, 2012 (no the world has not yet ended..imagine that!) and it just so happens to be the 21st birthday of my sweet roommate Kari! As usual this post is dedicated to her and the 21 things I know about her! Kari Rae Lopez grew up in Fountain Valley California...she is so lucky! She is the youngest of five her siblings are Aubrey, Ronnie, Aleesa and Katie. Kari graduated from Fountain Valley High home of the Barons in 2010.

(I realize this is a very old picture but Kari's face is it's the only one I could find)

She then moved to St George and started attending Dixie State College with a major in graphic design. Because of her major she has to be partial to all colors but her favorites are pink and purple. She is the faithful owner of a Honda accord and even likes the LA Lakers..? Nope she only keeps the sticker to irritate her Kari move. Kari really isn't a picky eater (at least compared to others) the only thing she cannot eat at all is pork! Her favorite places to eat out in Utah are red robin and wingers. Her favorite candy is basically chocolate, but she especially likes Snickers and Reese's. She loves Starbucks hot cocoa, dirty dr peppers and mango mountain dews from Swig too! She loves to watch TV especially the series Friends and Once Upon a Time. Her favorite movie and super hero is The Amazing Spiderman. Her favorite holiday is Christmas-she loves the lights, music, and good old holiday cheer. She loves nail polish and painting nails. She had the opportunity of a lifetime last summer when she did an internship at wet 'n' wild she loved it!

Just like any girl Kari loves to shop and buy clothes! The best part is most times when she gets home and realizes she doesn't need an item she takes it back. I have easily seen her get back $60.00 from one store. Since Kari is the youngest she has a lot of experience being an aunt and loves every minute of it! Along with doing a great job on any kind of graphic for any event, Kari is an amazing photographer and has even become the honorary photographer of our young single adult ward. Kari is definitely the night owl in our apartment and she hits the snooze button an average of 10 times every morning.

The reason I chose the adjective kind for Kari is because the definition fits her perfectly! She is sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tenderhearted, and generous. I am so grateful for the time I have had to be Kari's roommate and look forward to the time we have!

Happy happy birthday my dear friend , I wish I could celebrate with you but we will when you get back...don't even worry!

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