Sunday, January 13, 2013

Very Merry Christmas 2012!

Well it has been awhile since I have done a post, I have just been busy with different things. Since I last wrote on December 9th many things have happened-two of my very best friends moved out, Christmas has come and gone and I survived yet another predicted ending of the world. We will get to all that when the time comes. First off, we did our roommate present exchange on the 9th and it was so great! I have thee bestest friends and roommates that a girl could ask for. We also celebrated Kari's birthday that night with her choice of homemade dinner and better than sex cake. Her birthday was the 22nd but we were all home for Christmas so that is why we did it early. Kari and I went to ward Temple night on the 11th, there were not very many that came so we did a lot of names which we loved. On the 13th we celebrated Tiana's birthday as well, we went to Applebees and then to her house for cake and Glee! The last couple episodes have been disappointing and Fox better step it up come January.

On the 14th we all went to see Playing for Keeps it was so good! If you love Gerard Butler this is the film for you! On the 15th we made yet another trip to Mesquite to play bingo. It was very busy both hours and no one in our group was still fun though we really only go to play. The 15th was also the official move out day at our complex. I hated having two empty rooms and no one to come home to or talk with. I got a new roommate on the 16th but we are on totally opposite schedules and never see each other so I basically live alone. I don't mind most times but it is nice to have a full apartment I can't wait till that happens again.

The chore chart was all assigned to me since I was all alone...thank you Aubrey!

On the 17th we did our last FHE of this year and it was a Christmas/ white elephant party we had a good turn out and some interesting white elephant gifts.  On the 18th Holly and I hung out and I finally finished my Christmas shopping, I just had no idea of what to get for my family this year...hence the procrastination. On the 21st (day that the world was suppose to end...nice try Mayans) I headed to Tooele to celebrate Christmas with my family, this trip up was very hard for me because I had to leave my sister behind (she worked up until Christmas eve then her and Dustin came up). I have not made the trip alone for a long time and it killed me. My sweet mother talked to me a lot though so I was not as lonely. Plus I got to listen to all the glee and Justin Timberlake I wanted since Holly wasn't there to complain.

I made it home and just had the best five and half days ever. I apologize to all those who wanted to see me while I was in Tooele but I am such a homebody when I am home, I just can't help it. We did normal family things during my stay like play games,watch movies and make delicious Christmas treats. On Christmas Eve we always go out to my grandparents and have a big party. Another thing that was very hard for me to do without my dear sister. She called while we were at the party and I could not stop crying I was a mess. After we ate an amazing dinner Santa and Mrs. Claus came to deliver us each one present; a tradition that has been around since my mom was little.

After all was said and done we headed back to Tooele and went to bed. Christmas morning was spectacular my parents out did themselves yet again. I got many things, the most unexpected present was from my grandma. She gave me my very first sewing machine. I hadn't asked for one or ever mentioned that I wanted one but I was thrilled when I opened it! I sat there holding the box in my arms just thinking of all the things I can make. After presents, clean up, and a ham n' eggs breakfast, we visited my dads mom. My dads side is very very big so for presents my grandma makes our gifts. She is also very big into family history, everyone of her kids has a big binder full of family history stuff! Stories, pictures and pedigree charts. This year she decided to give me a binder as my present! I loved it! I have wanted to get into doing my family history and I think this is the push I needed. After visiting my grandma we came home and watched all our new movies. My sister, Dustin and grandparents all arrived around 5 and we had a big Christmas dinner then just talked for awhile. After they left my mom, sister Hailey and I watched brave then went to bed.

I arose early this morning to make the dreaded drive back to St George, I always hate leaving my family! The weather didn't make it any easier either! It was snowing or raining the entire way down. It normally takes me 4 hours but today it took me 6 and I was almost late to work. Never again will I leave home on the same day I have to work. The drive today and being in the cold snow all weekend pushed me to the edge, I am so sick of this crappy weather everywhere I go! I cannot wait until I am on a ship and soaking in the sun for 10 days!! Only 5 more days until our family cruise and even that isn't soon enough.

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