Sunday, January 13, 2013

The beginning of 2013!

Due to lack of time and things that are more important I have been neglecting my blog, I have a chance now though so here is an update on the life of Heather Moat! Today I already wrote a post you can see it here, basically that post is from Christmas and the beginning of December. This post will be the end of December until today! The end of the year is always my favorite, I love the celebrations and the time I get to spend with my friends and family. The last Saturday of 2012 was spent at the Eve's residence. Tiana bought Brandon a huge basketball hoop for Christmas and they needed help putting it together. Aubrey and I decided to help them, we are champs and put the whole thing together while they wrote their sacrament talks for the following Sunday. After we got it set up we played all night! It was so fun and we are hooked! 

This year New Years Eve was very different from the ones I have had in the past. We normally throw a party as roommates but since I didn't have any this year there wasn't a need. Plus there were other parties being thrown so I just went to those. I also had to work at 6am on New Years Day so I couldn't stay out long. The party I did go to was a good one, there were a ton of people and a pinata! I stayed out until 11:30 then came home to watch the ball drop and then went to bed. I made myself a promise that one day I will see the ball drop live from New York...we will see when that happens! 

New Years day was spent working, It was so very cold that morning and after work I felt so sick! I  definitely had a cold and was hating my life. I am so thankful for medicine though that makes it so I can get better, I feel for those that are sick more often then I am. That first week of the year was spent just getting better, I couldn't do much else. Saturday the 5th I did get a new roommate though!! It is true that Natalie Belka is back from her mission and she is living with yours truly. I have loved our first week together and cannot wait to see what this semester brings us. Sunday the 6th was our first Sunday in our new church building! It was so nice and I loved the new building smell. Monday the 7th was the first day of school and I couldn't of had a better first day. I took last semester off for personal reasons and I was happy to get back into the swing of things. I am only taking 2 classes and that is enough for me. I am at the point where I either need to get into Nursing school or do something else until that happens. This semester is when I need to make a decision and go in that direction for Fall... wish me luck. Since last week was the first week of  school it was pretty hectic! There was homework, activities, institute, work and gym time. Aubrey had this crazy idea to do a 12 week body toning workout, and I had the crazy idea to do it with her. The first two days were all upper body workouts and I was so sore for days! I am excited to see what this week brings and can't wait to be done...only 11 more weeks! Tuesday the 8th we went to Institute-we are taking teachings of the Living Prophets it is going to be awesome. Wednesday the 9th Kari and I went to the meeting held by Sorenson communication at the school. In the meeting they threw out 4-5 potential names for when Dixie becomes a University. We have waited for this moment for so long and I cannot believe that it is already here! The final decision has not been made yet it will be done by the end of the week! I really hope they keep Dixie in the name but whatever they choose better be good!

Thursday the 10th we went to the men's basketball game (we totally won) and then we went to Bingo afterwards. We loved playing bingo, we didn't win anything because there were a ton of people but it was still fun. Friday the 11th we put ourselves on lock down and did a lot of homework. We didn't want to be stuck with it all weekend. Yesterday I hung out with my sister and did some much needed shopping for the cruise that in happening in less than one week!! Then I came home picked up Kari, Aubrey, and Nat and we went to lunch at Cafe Rio-it was delicious. Then we went to the Temple and then Smiths. We decided to boycott Wal-Mart for awhile and try out Smiths shopping experience. At first I was a tad overwhelmed (it is weird trust me I know) but in the end I really enjoyed my shopping there and it will happen more often. For dinner we went to Red Robin, then had the desire to do something super fun. I have been craving to go laser tagging for a couple weeks so I threw it out as an idea and everyone liked it! We got our group of 10 and headed over to laser mania to play. We had so much fun and I am very glad that everyone came! After laser tag we all went our separate ways; Kari, Aubrey and I came home and watched the new Spiderman and ate ice cream with cookies. Overall I had a great weekend and don't want to go back to school tomorrow. The good news is Friday we leave for our cruise to the Caribbean and I am so excited I can't even tell you! 10 days in the sun with no work, no school, and no troubles?? I'll take it!  

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  1. Your cruise looks like it was a blast!!! I have always wanted to cruise the Carribean, maybe one day I'll get to. And I love your workout sweat image, thats a good quote! And I'll keep that in mind next time I work out that no one has drowned in sweat...yet... lol jk. I love you lady!! Sorry I havent been commenting lately, I have hardly been logged into my blog until lately but every time you post it on facebook I be sure to go look at your posts! :) So I have been keeping up on your stuff lately! :)