Monday, September 2, 2013

Excitement all around!

Life is busy, uncertain, entertaining, upsetting, happy, and many other things. Above all my life is just great, I am very blessed and take things for granted all the time. I have to stop that! My last post I wrote like weeks ago and just posted it..see it here. It really doesn't make a lot of sense but I wrote it and had to post it. So since august 9th when I originally wrote that post so much has so much! Here goes a recap! It is going to be a super long post so brace yourself! First off I finally moved!!!! We moved on the 10th and it was literally the longest day ever! I had so much stuff to move and it felt never ending! Thankfully I have awesome friends and had so much help. We started at 8am and were pretty much done by 3:30. We already had tickets and plans to go to the Derby that night so we took a break, got dinner and went to the awesome demolition derby! It was so much fun and I had a blast with the Eves and Lindsey Grimes. Plus the fireworks after were my favorite part-they were legit! I then just spent the next week or so unpacking and organizing and making my new apartment a home. I seriously love it people. It is so nice and kind of makes my old place look like a really does. I also love my 4 roommates they are just what I needed at this time in my life. They are the best friends and roommates a girl could ask for. We have had such a fantastic few weeks and I cannot wait to see what life at Dixie Red Sands South brings me. Monday the 12th for FHE we played water kick ball it was so fun! Our new bishop is the man and is just so much fun! We had a really decent turn out too so that is good. 

My new bishop

Totally not me, I never made it home! Just a cool picture!
Wednesday the 14th was a fantastic day, for two reasons first was because of  Jesse's 23rd birthday. I have known Jesse for awhile now just from the ward and from being neighbors twice now. He is a fabulous guy and it was so fun to go to a pool party/BBQ for him on his birthday. Plus the Costco-death by chocolate-cake was so delicious. The second reason is so random and so unexpected...are you ready? Well a few weeks ago I received a text from Bob telling me he missed me and wanted to try dating again...well a few weeks of internal battles and many trips to the Temple I have decided to let him back in and try dating again. It has almost been two weeks since we have been back together and it has been so great! I am so happy and am very confident in our decision to date again. We are very open with each other this time and also taking things slower than we did in the past. If it doesn't work out this time at least I will have no regrets and no doubts. I love being back together with him and can't wait to see where this relationship takes us. 

On the 17th my dear Randi Stratton went through the Temple!! YAY! She decided that she was going to do it in the San Diego Temple, did that stop us from going with her? Nope it didn't. Friday the 16th at 3:35 the Eves and I hit the road and never looked back! We stopped in Vegas to eat at Canes and then continued on. It was a fun and very entertaining trip...we listened to music, made fun of Brandon, and almost ran out of gas! We made it to Tiana's aunt and uncles house in Fallbrook around 10:00 and then went to bed since we were all so tired. Saturday we got up and had a delicious pancake breakfast outside. The weather in California is so beautiful and her family has such a beautiful backyard. I loved it and told them I would be back every weekend to visit. After that we went to the Temple around 12:00, we arrived at the same time her family did which was awesome because we were all first timers in that Temple. We went to eat in the cafeteria before our session started. It was neat and the first time I have ever eaten in a Temple cafeteria believe it or not! The Temple was beautiful and it was so fun to be there with Randi and her family. After that we went to this delicious burger joint called Islands!! It was delicious and I could eat there everyday! 

After dinner the Eves and I said our goodbyes and then went to La Jolla beach! I love the beach and very much enjoyed my time there. We then went back to the house and had smores with her aunt and uncle and then called it a night. Sunday we got up early and went to Knotts Berry Farm! We were all so excited but quickly realized that the park wasn't as fun as it used to be. The rides were just too rough, we did have fun though and got our moneys worth for sure! We drove home Sunday afternoon, stopped in Vegas to eat at Canes again and then came home. I freaking love the Eves and loved that trip so much, I got up Monday morning and just missed them. 

Monday the 19th we went to the Dixie State WOW carnival. We had snow cones, cotton candy, and wanted to get tattoos but the line was far too long. After that we had a little get together for Holly's birthday-Dustin, Holly, Randi, Michael, Tiana, Brandon and I all met at my apartment for cheesecake and games. It was super fun to be with everyone and their husbands and gets me very excited for the future with them. On the 22nd Bob and I went out on our second/first official date, we went to the pasta factory and loved every minute of it! After that we went to Randi and Mikes house with the Eves and watched a movie while Tiana dyed Randi's hair. It was great and I wish the Merrill's could have come but they work at night so it's hard for us all together. Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th was our Buena Vista ward camp out! I was so worried for this camp out because I have never planned, executed, or even attended a camp out before! In the end I had so much help and everything went very smoothly! We had a better turnout then I thought and just had a good time around the fire, playing games, dutch oven cooking, and my favorite sleeping under the stars! We were so blessed with good weather and the rain stayed away long enough for us to enjoy our camp out. Plus we were minutes away from Veyo pies so we had to stop and get one! The 24th was my sisters 21st birthday and she spent the day in Vegas with her husband. I cannot believe that she is already 21, married, and starting her family...that's right they are expecting!!!!!! YAY!!! I am going to be an aunt! I am so very thrilled and cannot wait till the little one gets here!! 


Monday the 26th for FHE we played get to know you games, since school has started we have had so many new members in our ward and needed to get to know them. I also received some very pretty flowers from a very handsome man! I was so happy I could have cried a little, it was so sweet of him and I had no idea! On the 27th Bob and I went and had a homemade dinner of chicken and rice with the Eves. After dinner we made cake pops and put together an office chair, sounds boring but it really was fun! The 28th we had a surprise/not really a surprise bachelorette party for Randi. We just hung out and watched a chick flick-it was so fun! This last weekend was a very special one, my dear sister from another mother got married!!! It is so great to see another roommate and life long friend get married I am so happy for her! Bob and I went down Friday night with the Eves and stayed in a hotel and just partied all night long! 

We went to dinner at claim jumper and then spend the rest of the night at the Bellagio fountains-I love them! Saturday we got up and went to Brandon's sisters house since the sealing wasn't until 2 pm. When it came time to go to the Temple I got so happy and excited! Being on the other side with them was so awesome and I am so glad that we got to share their special day with them! I also loved being there with Bob, it was so great! After the Temple and pictures we all went to eat a little something because we were starving, we wanted something little like pizza so we went to the nearest pizza hut. Unfortunately it was not a sit down restaurant so we went to this ghetto place called Tropical Pizza. We really had a bad feeling but then thought "Sketch-tastic places like this are usually so delicious" we were right. It was so good and we ate way too much. We then headed to the dinner/reception at Tommy Bahamas. The place looked amazing and the food was amazing too. I realized that I am not a key lime pie fan but it's fine! After the send off Bob, Dustin, Holly and I hopped in my car and headed back to St George. The weather was horrible, it rained all the way home and some points were so scary I wanted to cry. It was so bad to have my sister and her unborn child in the back seat I was terrified the whole time driving! So glad I don't drive with her all the time anymore I would be a mess. 

Yesterday we just went to church and then had an awesome dinner party with my roommates! I love my current roommates and have been so blessed this semester! These girls are my life long friends I just know it! We also decided to host a game night, it was so fun and I learned so many new games! 

For those of you who are still reading congrats you made it, this is the end of my really long yet super exciting update! 

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  1. I made it! I read every single word and punctuation! GO ME!!! It was quite lovely:) My thoughts during reading:
    -I love derbies. I miss being home in Utah in the summer.
    -So jealous that you've been to the San Diego temple. Wanna go there so bad.
    -I REALLY am THRILLED that you and your mister are back together again! And I REALLY wanna know details ugh! Driving me nuts that I dont live 20 footsteps away from your bed to talk to anymore. Im a loser :/
    -I can see you being scared outta your witts about driving in the rain with your sister and her unborn baby! I would have been scared too if I was driving!
    -I love the fact that Bob got you flowers. So far he's a keeper in my book. I'm picky you should know, when it comes to my close friends dating so he's lucky I approve.
    -Yay! You're going to be an auntie! You are going to be the BEST aunt ever! I remember you tending my nephews with me and you are a natural with kids. Wanna nanny for me when I have a baby? haha jk. but seriously.
    -Randi is such a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!!!!
    -So happy for your awesome roomies and new apartment!
    -You make me chuckle at things you say.
    -I miss my Heather.