Sunday, August 25, 2013

Go back in time!

***DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post on the 9th and just never got a chance to post it...but I like it so here it is!***

Can I just start out by saying I HATE moving!! I haven't even technically moved yet!! I just hate packing, cleaning, and not knowing where anything is! My house is literally in shambles right now and I am hating every second of it! Our move out day has been changed twice...I understand that things happen and that they are going as fast as they can but it's still annoying. I am also sick of going through a maze to get to in and out of my room...and I have multiple bruises from running into corners of boxes...I live a hard life. Anyways on of more happy things of the past week! Randi's shower in Vegas was super fun and I am so glad we got to go and be with her. We missed Holly a lot but when you have to work you have to work. After her shower her sisters, mom, Tiana, and I all went to dinner at CPK (California pizza kitchen). It was so good and I am glad we went there.

Sunday was normal testimony meeting was good, Sunday school and relief society were so good! We talked all about forgiveness and letting the Savior in during good times and bad they were very good lessons. Monday for FHE we had a pool party and BBQ at our bishops house-it was legit!! Our end count was about 72 people which is one for the record books! It was so fun and I met so many new people. I really can't wait for school to start and to have our big ward again!! Tuesday was national root beer float day so Nick, Dan, Jesse and I all went to A&W to get one. It was a bit busy but so worth it! After that Nick and I went to chat with the Eves.


Wednesday was seriously so busy! I worked and then went to watch the Stapley kids which was so fun but so exhausting. We made brownies, played house, made dinner, played school, played hide and seek (that was my favorite because I could just hide and relax for two minutes) and that was it. It really was so fun and I love those kids to death. After babysitting I took a short nap then went to pie night with the group, it was awesome! We had 11 people 4 of which were new to the group; I love getting new people to join our group and to hang out with us. After pie night we took a gander at the new apartments. I really love them and wish we were just moved in already!! I didn't even want to leave them! After that we talked outside for a bit then called it a night. Today work was busy and a little annoying at times but I survived. It was also very nice weather in Cedar and Beaver, I just wanted to stay there all day. I am dreading the cold weather though...sadly it will be here before we know it! After work I cleaned out the activities closet at the church (it was a total disaster and I couldn't stand it any longer), then hung out with Nick, saw Randi Stratton for a few minutes, and now I am going to the Temple with Lindsey Johnson! Hopefully this weekend I will be super busy moving and also going to the Washington County fair! We will time I write I better be in a new apartment and new room...cross your fingers! (Remember this post is old...but still good and worthy to be a post)

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