Friday, August 2, 2013

Life's what you make it!

Every week brings something new and adventurous, or something hard and overwhelming. This past week brought both heartache and happiness. We will start by telling you about the call I received from my sister last Thursday. She called me in tears around 11:30 in the morning, she got a call that same morning from the Davis County police telling her that her husband had been in a motorcycle accident.She was told that she needed to go get him from the hospital in Bountiful. Thankfully he was fine, just minor injuries like a sprained wrist and broken cheek bone. She wanted me to go up with her but I was working and there was no way I could have just left. I really wanted to go with her but I called her every half hour to check on her. It really was a blessing that he was up north close to family that could get there sooner then her. I am so glad that he was ok! Friday work was crazy! Our Salt Lake driver had a stat blood box going to Sanpete County that had to be delivered before he met us in we had a two hour wait before he showed up. After that my day was just shot and I was behind all day. Good thing is I get paid by the hour! The worst part is later that day that same driver got a flat tire and had to wait for someone to come fix it! he ended up getting off at 11:30 pm instead of 4:30 pm...then he had to be back to work at 5:00 am! Poor guy!! Friday I was suppose to go see an outdoor movie with Sterling's and Ashley's kids but the weather once again canceled that plan. So instead I took the two oldest to see Turbo! It was so freaking cute and I loved seeing it with Mason he got so into it. I wish the pictures would have turned out cuter but oh well! 


Saturday morning I got up at the butt crack of dawn and went to Zion to go hiking! Michael and I planned this whole big group thing and got everything ready and no one showed up! We had one person out of 25 we text. Needless to say they missed out! Angels Landing is such a beautiful hike and I really really loved it! Plus Michael and Dan are hilarious and there was never a dull moment.We started the adventure out by giving me a map...I ended up taking us through Zion. Literally we left Zion and had to get back in. It was nice to drive through and see everything though! We then got on the shuttle and headed to Angels Landing. I learned a lot from the tour and was so fascinated by Zion. We were so worried about the weather (we assume that is why people didn't show up) but it turned out to be a perfect day. The park wasn't very packed for a Saturday either which was good. We did the hike with some resting periods, picture moments, and water breaks but we did it! We can now say that we have hiked the famous Angels Landing. It was intense and I was very sore after but I would definitely do it again. After the hike we were starving so we went to the famous Oscars Cafe and loved it! Their salsa was to die for and I would eat some right now if I could! We then just went home, we made sure we stopped in Hurricane for slurpees of course. It was such a great day and Zion is so beautiful and I am so blessed to live so close. People travel from all over the world to come to Zion and I am within a hours distance it's so cool! 

My feet took me there..thought it was a cool picture! 

we hiked to the top of that! 

There were so many little chipmunks! And they were not scared of humans at all.
Sunday night I had dinner with Austin and Nick, I love those two men and am so glad that we could do dinner together like old times. After dinner we had game night at the Eves, we played Yahtzee and then watched Mega Mind. I love our weekly get togethers and look forward to them all week. Monday for FHE we played water balloon capture the flag. I have decided that activities where filling water balloons is required really suck. I hate water balloons and we are done with them. We were late once again because we had to fill so many and our turnout wasn't even that good! But those that did come hopefully had a good time. After FHE I came home and found out that our fish Ammon had died! He was a good fish and lived a full 3 month life in our apartment, we made Connor flush him and had a funeral for him. It was hilarious but I am really glad no one came over during this time.

Nat saying a few words!
Tuesday I was suppose to go to the Temple but it got moved to Thursday night instead. So Tuesday Tiana and I just hung out and she helped me clean and pack up my kitchen for the move. That's right folks Heather Moat is finally leaving Dixie Red Sands...and moving into Dixie Red Sands South. Funny I know but they are brand new apartments and it's time to leave my first college apartment and room behind. Wednesday was the best day because Aubrey was here!!! YAY I know! We didn't really see much of each other though it was depressing. I got off work late and then went to babysit while Sterling and Ashley moved their whole house. It was fun though I love their children! After I was done though we hung out and got treats and just talked it was nice and I miss her already.

Thursday Tiana, Linds, and I went to the Temple it was a great experience and I loved it. I have been feeling stuck lately and unsure of my next moves and what the future holds for me is uncertain. I do know that the Lord hasn't forgotten me and that he has a plan and knows that plan, I just have to keep being me and being faithful in the Gospel. After the Temple Darren came over with Kimmy and Peter, we ate ice cream and then played a Harry Potter board game! (Nerd alert!) It really was fun but next time we will start earlier and play when I am not exhausted. They ended up staying till 1:30 and I was sure that I was going to be dead today at work but surprisingly my 4 hours of sleep did me good. Tonight I am just having a catch-up night and also hanging out with Lindsey for a little while! I can't wait to live with that girl next week! It will be so great! Tomorrow I am going to Vegas to Randi's bridal shower I am just super excited! I love her and I love showers...doesn't get any better than that! 

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  1. Did you invite Mitra to the Zion hike? She would NEVER pass up ZiONs.... haha remember how she used to pronounce it? What a funny girl. I cant believe you hiked Angels Landing, I attempted that once when I was in 2nd grade and never again will I attempt it! Its freaky as heck! So sadly I have never done it. But I hate heights! I cant believe you moved out! That makes me SO sad! That was like the one connection I had left that maybe some days you would picture me fawning over your light in the hallway or making my smoothie or drinking my Spring City water... and now you wont see any of that in your head! Ha ha... only joking.... not really. But thats awesome you are in a new place, I'm sure its way exciting :) I just miss our old apartment SO much!!!! I shouldve just not got married for another year and went to Dixie like planned ;) bahaha jk. But kinda;) Love you always!!!