Friday, September 16, 2011

It's only week 4?!

I am loving this fall of 2011 semester, don't get me wrong, but lately I have felt like I am drowning. Since my last update school has gotten more hectic. I started having tests which means more of a need to study. I really need A's in two of
my lecture classes, granted they are retakes but I still need to try. Medical terminology kicks my butt, there are so many different prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms in the medical world! I am catching on though, even when I am not in class I find myself breaking down words to find their's a little nerdy I know. Coop is just nuts! It's a class that gives you credit for working, it's online and sort of a lot of busy work. I think I have it under control as long as I do all my assignments on/before Thursday night-they are due Friday at 10pm-it worked this week so I am sticking to it! I am also in a fitness center class that requires me to workout 2 hours a week...sounds easy but it's hard to find the time. I am forced to get up at 6 am, 2-3 days a week. I am a morning person but it's still difficult to get up that early to workout. Something must be working because I have lost 2lbs!!! I weighed my
self after todays workout and was so happy!

I didn't think that IHC would be scheduling me so much but they are. I work almost everyday except Tuesdays, and every other Sunday. I am grateful for the hours but it's still hard to manage some days!

Through all the mandatory stuff (school and work) I still try to find time
for myself, last weekend I went on a date, we went to Antigravity, it was so fun! If you have not been there you
need to go. I have also made a goal to go to institute every Tuesday and so far I really love it. Institute is the best thing I could do during my week-other than going to the temple which I am going to do every Wednesday morning starting this week. I also like to get treats, this week I went to Krave because it had been awhile, and I was in heaven! I am going back soon...I went to Orange peel today and chugged my sweet tooth smoothie, I also had a F'real shake this week too..haha I really ate a lot of treats this week!

Student Government is going so good, we have an excellent team this year! Last week we had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Steve Caplin who is the new chair for the board of Trustees for Dixie. It was really awesome to stress our concerns and have him inform us about the on
goings of our dear Dixie school. Our club chartering is also going fantastic! We have made many new clubs and there are many more to come! I have a ton of new friends and just love the atmosphere of the student gov room when I walk in.

The biggest stress that I have been faced with was getting my nursing application done and turned in..Well, it's in and all up to the Lord now. I know whatever happens is his will and I will be taken care of one way or another! Jessica Mitchell and I turned our apps in together and then went to lunch it was great. I received a grommet at our 9/11 ceremony last Sunday and it's said that they bring the recipient luck so hopefully that's true!

That is pretty much the last 4 weeks, I know it will get better I just need to weed out my needs from my wants and make sure I follow my organized daily schedules!

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  1. WOW girl! I thought you were busy when I lived with ya, but now you are somehow even BUSIER! That is nuts! I couldnt do it. Kudos to you my dear friend =) I wish I could be your workout buddy for that class you have to work out for. REALLY BADLY I WISH!!!!! Its so weird cause even though I never see you, I still miss you just as much if not more as the day I left :( You are such an amazing person inside and out and you inspire me. You are going places girl! I know it!!!! I am so blessed to have known you =) Love you lots sugar!!