Monday, February 20, 2012

Living young, wild and free!

I am just currently loving life! I really am not struggling in anyway and I am very happy! My title is what it is because that is exactly how I live..maybe not wild. This week was awesome! It started Sunday night at midnight (technically Monday morning) when the gang and I decided to do a Denny's run. We piled in two cars and never looked back. They recently brought back their banana foster french toast skillet and I had been craving it for two days! It was so fun and I loved every minute of our little adventure...that is until I got up at eight-am for Microbiology. 

By the time all my classes were done at three I was literally going to pass out! I took a little power nap and then got ready for FHE. Since Valentines Day was Tuesday we decided to do heart attacks for the widows in our boundaries. It was such a great activity, it would have been better if it wasn't a complete down poor but we survived. Tuesday was the dreaded Valentines Day or single awareness for those that are obviously single. I usually don't make a huge scene on V-day I hate when girls do that. I bought  my roommates Valentines and also candy for the ICC, I wore red and printed my agendas on pink paper. I came home to flowers from my beautiful sister Holly and then went on a girls only date with Holly, Randi and Aubrey. I love Dixie State College basketball so we went to the game, it was so good and my first game that I stood in the front row. At first I didn't like it because I couldn't really see but in the end it was the bomb.Wednesday and Thursday I worked, I hate one day doing a night shift and the next a day shift. I was home for 10 hours then back at work, horrible. I really shouldn't complain I am so fortunate to have the job I do and I wouldn't give it up for anything. 

Friday morning I had the opportunity to go to a bookstore forum thing. They had bookstore reps from all the colleges in Utah and I sat on a student panel with four others. They asked us questions and we also asked them questions about books and prices and stuff like that. It was very interesting and I enjoyed seeing how other colleges do things. I walked out with $25.00 to the bookstore and two free movie tickets so that was a plus. I worked until nine and then we did girls night, we went to McDonalds and then watched the new Twilight movie.  Saturday I had off and just hung out with Tiana till five when she left me to hang out with her family in Mesquite. I ended up cleaning my room, doing laundry, going hot tubing, and finished the night with a fantastic bonfire! I love fires and have missed them so much. Sunday it was my turn to work, I drove to Kanab and back. It's not the best route but sometimes it is was nice to drive and just think. I love my job because of the drives and just the alone time I get. Yesterday I was just thinking about my life and some of the qualities I possess, there are two things I dislike about myself that I'd really like to change. I won't expound on them because they are personal. I just know that I want to be a better person and that is a daily process but I am up to the challenge. 

Last night we decided to watch Mega Mind and then go to Denny's again because there is no school today...Holla! I have a huge microbiology test this week and am constantly studying. I did three study groups last week and have many scheduled this week. I am so serious about this studying thing that I was up at nine to study...I did go back to bed for an hour though. I just have to do well in this class and it is taking everything I have to do so. This is really the only class that I am working so hard for which is good because I couldn't handle another one. Last week the weather was bipolar, a common thing for Utah, it rained 24-7 Monday-Thursday maybe and then was beautiful Friday-today. The sun has been shinning and it hasn't been too chilly. It's cold when you first walk out the door and then again at night. One of my besties Karissa is in Cancun right now and I am so jealous! I really, really want to go sit on a beach and get some sun. The weather here is much better than weather in Utah County so I can't complain. I live in an area that others come to vacation in the winter time, that's super weird to me. I hope the sun stays shinning and the weather stays warm. This week I work five days...for some that is normal but me I work three and I'm done. It will be good for me though. There are two basketball games this week and they are the last home ones of the season. We have had a pretty awesome season and I'm sure the teams are looking forward to being done.  I have three tests-nutrition, dance, and micro. Thanks to my preparation and study groups I'm not stressed at all. I need some practice for dance but it'll be good. That is all I have for now hope everyone has a great Presidents Day!!

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