Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make Every Moment Count

This week was literally full of surprises, and unpredictable things happened. Monday was Presidents day all I did was study and work. Tuesday was Student Government Tuesday and all my meetings went so well, we just have the best team of the century and I am so glad I participated this semester. Glee that night was EPIC!! All you Gleeks out there know what I am talking about...It was so great from the first five minutes to the last! They did awesome songs and it was just great. I am so anxious for the finale on April 10th and it can't come fast enough! Wednesday was the best day of the week for me! I looked so great, did awesome on my dance test, felt well rested and was also very productive! The day ended with our huge men's Basketball game against BYU-Hawaii, winning that made us PAC West CHAMPS!!!!!!!!  It was so intense and we almost went into double overtime. We whited out the student section and had the most students I have ever seen at our games.

44 scored our 3 pointed that led us to our win!

We stormed the floor after winning

our 2012 CHAMPS!
It was a night that I'll never forget! I was on cloud nine for hours after that and could not settle down! Thursday Morning when I got on Facebook and saw all these pictures (courtesy of the Dixie Sun) I got excited again! The remaining of my Thursday I worked, studied, took a power nap,  and hung out with some ICC members. Carlos and Ean came over to investigate a bill that Raging Red proposed. We talked for like an hour then Carlos had to go. Ean confessed to Holly and I that he was in over his head with his election stuff and needed our help. Well, Holly has been holding out on me all these years, apparently she is a campaign beast! She literally busted out his whole plan of attack in like an hour. She had his Facebook done (groups-write Ean in), other advertising things in place and just amazed me! Ean is currently a write in for the 2012-2013 VP of clubs position. I truly think any one who votes for him won't be disappointed.

Friday I worked, then came home and hung out with Holly and Randi. We didn't do much just talked, made videos, and eventually went to Menchies. We brought our mattresses out and had a sleepover. Saturday morning I got up cleaned the church, did laundry, did homework, and then went to work. After work Aubrey and I met up then went to the FINAL home game of this season. It was against Chaminade and they are really good but so are we! We were neck and neck the whole time and almost had to go into overtime because of it. With 2 seconds left Chaminade scored and we just couldn't get one more score in. We almost had a three but it was short! I am still so proud of our boys they had an awesome season and made me love Dixie Basketball! I am not sure what to do with my free Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights but I'll figure something out. Today was stake conference and it was so good, honestly I wasn't even going to go but yesterday on my drive to Kanab for work I decided that I should. We just talked about things that I really need to improve in my life. Elder Wade from the Quorum of the 70 and his wife were our guest speakers, they were amazing and I loved sister Wade. She was the only speaker who brought me to tears, we were talking about be diligent and keeping the commandments. She then said something along these lines: there are some of you out there that are doing all you should; you read your scriptures, go to the Temple and all your meetings. Somehow you are still waiting for answers, keep doing what you are doing and they will come! I am crying right now just typing these words.  I know that the lord knows all that I am doing it's just about waiting and trusting! I felt the spirit very strongly during those two hours and am so very glad that I have examples around me that inspired me to go! I love this gospel and would not be the person I am today without it. The Temple has been closed for two weeks for cleaning and maintenance and it has been the longest two weeks. I didn't realize how blessed I am to have the Temple with in walking distance until now.  The closest Temple other than St. George is two hours away (north and south) some people in this world  have to drive more than that! I am so excited to go this week and love the blessings I receive from going each week! 

St. George Temple

My sister and I at the SLC Temple...FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!
After conference Holly and I just hung out, Randi and Tiana are out of town so it's just been a sister weekend-I have loved it. Tonight we are making cupcakes with frosting (both homemade) and watching Once Upon a Time. I hope everyone has a fabulous week and Dixie State College students don't forget to vote!! 

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