Monday, March 12, 2012

It Happens!

Ain't no rhyme or reason
No complicated meaning

Ain't no need to over-think it
Let go, laughing
Life don't go quite like you planned it
We try so hard to understand it
The irrefutable, indisputable fact is
Pshh It happens

Life is just as this song says, very unpredictable and it just happens. I have not blogged over two weeks and I am so sorry!  Since my last post I've obviously done a ton with my life! The week of the 30th-3rd was the week for voting! Sadly we didn't quite have the amount of votes that we wanted...we had less than a 1,000 students vote-it was depressing!  In the end Brody, Wyatt and Greg won and are our new students leaders for the upcoming school year. 

VP of Academics, Student Body Pres, and VP of clubs!
That week all I did was study and work. I hate microbiology and can't wait til it's over!!!  I am so thankful for Aubrey and Sydney though because without these two girls I would literally be so dead right now. Praise study groups! I have never really had huge midterms before this semester, and let me tell you I do not like them. My micro lab midterm was horrible, I studied so hard and still the answers didn't come. Thank heavens for great teachers who curve and give us more than we deserve. I ended up walking out with a B and am very pleased with that! Last week was just hard, this week is SPRING BREAK and by the time this week comes around most students are just so done! Of course all your professors have to give you tests and a lot of other stuff to do. Last week I had two tests and some little homework assignments. I was in the library everyday and just never had a free moment. I did very well on both my tests and all my assignments. Tuesday my grandparents were passing by on their way to vacation so we got breakfast. I love my grandparents and am so grateful for them. Tuesday I also went to Cafe Rio with the 'Write-Ean in' committee, it was delicious and I am so glad I could help Ean even if we didn't win. He had  more votes than any write in ever has so that's a win in my eyes! That night our ward had a girls basketball game, I have not played bball in like ages and was so rusty and nervous to play. In the end we had a team plus one  two show up and I didn't have to play as long. We had some superstars show up and we played a great game. We lost but it was still so fun! I didn't get any pictures of anything this week and I am so mad. I did however get pictures of our midweek Princess party that happened on Wednesday. The relief society has been around for 170 years! Isn't that amazing? Our incredible presidency put together an awesome birthday party and I loved every second of it. I won't upload all the pics but just some, they did a princess theme obviously and made every table a different princess table. 

We had to sit at the princess Tiana table for my roommate Tiana!

Rand and I are thee fairest of them all!

She loved the candy bar!

These are just a few of them, they took every princess and made the table around her and her movie! The tables were awesome and I really enjoyed being a princess for a couple hours! After this activity we just went home and actually watched Tangled and did some homework. Thursday and Friday consisted of studying, taking tests, and rushing to work. I had so much to do these two days and was constantly in panic mode I felt. By the time I got off work Friday night though I had everything done and Spring break 2012 had begun. I took a much needed personal trip to Walmart was there for like an hour then went home thinking I was ready for bed but no. The roommates decided we were hungry and went to McDonalds. After that though I was so tired and went to bed. Saturday morning my grandparents were driving back through on their way home so we met up for breakfast once again (this week was not a normal week I NEVER eat out this much...don't judge me) this time Hol and I decided to pay. My grandpa hates when we offer to pay so while he was not looking we stole the bill and paid, he loved it! He called my mom that night and told her all about it. It made us feel so great! Saturday night was girls night-we ate treats and watched the new footloose it was really good. It wasn't as good as the first but it wasn't worse if that makes sense. My favorite was the songs, they did the same ones but remade them. Holding out for a hero was the best. We also watched Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler, freaking hilarious! I loved it and will probably buy it!

Since Saturday was daylight savings time it was so hard Sunday to get up at a reasonable time. I love the results of the time change but getting my body used to them sucks. So after we slept so late  we made waffles and then went to Church it was uplifting! For dinner I Had a little date with Tiana, everyone else was doing other things so we ate chicken Alfredo together it was nice to have time to just chat with Tiana about life. After dinner Rand came home and Tiana left so Rand and I had our own movie night, we watched Jack and Jill again since they weren't due til 9. After that we played phase ten with the group it was fun! I did so well and was in third place after all was said and done. We then took a late night trip to Dennys there is no school this week and we need to party it up.  Funny story about Dennys though-we walked in and became regulars! The waitress has been the same one every Sunday night and she just loves us. After Dennys we watched a law and order episode and then called it a night! 

Like I said this week is Spring Break, I wish I was going to Cali or somewhere warm and beachy but I am just going home for a few days! I really miss my family and can't wait. In the end home is better than any other vacation ever! I hope everyone has such a great week I know I will!!

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  1. Yay for spring break!! Can I please please pleeeeease see you this weekend?!?! If you say no I'll just hunt ya down till I "accidentally" run into you;) enjoy this week dear!!