Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Sadly, spring break went quicker than quick! I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then went home Wednesday-Sunday. Work was crazy-I felt like I lived at the office those days. Wednesday was the best though because I found out that I was chosen to be employee of the quarter for last quarter!! My goal for probably the last year has been to be the employee of the quarter, I got a gift card and my name is on the plaque in the office. My motive for being a great employee isn't to get recognition but it's always nice to get some.

Wednesday after work I hurried home to pick up my stuff and sister then we headed to T-Town. My parents were not expecting us until Thursday afternoon so that was fun surprising them. We left St George so late and ended up getting home around 10:30 so at first we freaked my parents out but then they were so happy! We chatted for a while then went to bed.

Thursday we slept in and didn't really do much until later in the day. My mom literally had the whole weekend planned out so Thursday was my only day to make plans with friends. Every college has different Spring Breaks so there really wasn't anyone in town to hang out with so I was really excited to find out that Zack Kotyk was home from his mission so I could have at least one friend to see. So we hung out Thursday night-got caught up with each other's lives, I  heard lots of his crazy stories and we just laughed and acted like he wasn't even gone for two years. I also made sure he got up to date on all the latest movies so we watched Iron Man II and it was so great! Lets be honest, that was the first time I saw it too. After the movie we went to get slurpees-I have to get one every time I am up north because southern Utah doesn't have a single 7-11! Friday was mom and kids day, my mom took work off and we just hung out all day. We made a spring wreath from scratch, I swear my mom is just brilliant and so very crafty.  We also went to the new smoothie/frozen yogurt place in town, it was delicious!

Plastic Wreath

Flowers that we put in the wreath

Finished wreath

 Friday night we didn't have anything planned so I got to hang out with Zack again! He came over and played just dance 3 with us and then we watched one of my favorite movies Super 8. It was fun and I was surprised how well he danced, my brother was the champ for at least 6 songs and then Zack just got up and de-throned him it was freaking hilarious! March two years ago my parents were married and then my family was sealed in the Manti, Utah Temple. It was one of the best days of my life and an event I will cherish forever. Every March we go to the Temple and celebrate our anniversary by doing a baptismal session. This year we decided to go to the Jordan River Temple, it was the bomb. After the Temple we went to my grandparents house for a st. patricks day spaghetti lunch. After that it was naptime, then time for bowling and laser tagging with my family. Each one of my family members are excellent bowlers and if we joined a league we'd kick trash! After my family time Zack and I decided to hang out just one last time before I went home. We literally drove all around Tooele County-looking at the new editions to our town and just talking about life. Sunday morning was his homecoming he did so great! Then I went to my home ward and realized I have thee best ward and miss them so very much. We ate Sunday dinner then had a very emotional goodbye around four and then headed back to St George. I loved being home and will return there sooner than later.

1st game scores

2nd game scores

I arrived home and found out that my beautiful roommate Randi got engaged! I am so happy for her and Nickolas!

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