Friday, March 30, 2012

Gonna Soak up the SUN!!!!

I. Love. St George! The weather last week was beautiful and this week is just the same. Today I arrived on campus and found that the fountain had been turned on. Dixie State College students know when the fountain is on that summer is on it's way (it get's turned off in the winter).

Anyway, last week (March 19th-23rd) treated me very well considering it was the first week back. Monday was an easy class day and I didn't work so I had plenty of free time to get caught up. I cleaned my room and bathroom, did homework, paid bills, went to Zumba with Randi and then made crepes for dinner. Tuesday was a normal Student Government Tuesday, there is constuction all over campus including the building that our leadership room is in and somedays it sounds like alien invasion is happening. Wednesday and Thursday I worked it was super busy both days. We canceled our FHE on Monday and moved it to Thursday, so Thursday after work I headed to our BBQ and the Dixie baseball game. I decided that I am not a fan of watching baseball, I love supporting  my dear Dixie school but baseball is not my thing. After FHE we went home, made Rand a wedding countdown chain and then did some studying.

 Friday I worked till 2:30 and then my weekend started. Tiana and I went to get pedicures-greatest thing after a long work week-then we went to sonic for half priced slushies and drinks. Friday night was spent eating pizza, watching college ball on TV, doing some homework and ending it with Towerhiest. Saturday I got up early to finish my homework and workout, then I went to work till 7. Saturday night is always girls night so all my closes friends came over and we went to walmart, painted nails and watched the First Wives Club. 

Sunday was pretty normal...except the fact that we got a new bishop!! I've had the same YSA bishop for 3 years now and it's so weird to have a new one. My roommates went to our old bishops house that night and gave him and his great wife cookies. It took everything I had not to cry, he's a great man and I am seriously going to miss him dearly.  Like I said this week was super slow and it was great! The next few weeks are seriously going to be crazy-school is ending!! It's bitter sweet because I want it to be over but I don't want to do the necessary work for that to happen. I wish I could graduate but not do any work to accomplish that! Only in a perfect world! 

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