Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life in April

Well folks it is now May and I have failed at keeping everyone in my life updated about my goings on. April was fast but great and I have so much to tell hold on to your seats! Monday the 1st (almost the worst day of the year in my opinion) was April fools-I hate April fools and never believe anything I hear. It was also my turn to plan FHE, nights I plan are always so stressful for me and I want the hour and a half to just fly by. We planned relay games and a capture the egg game too. It wasn't the best turnout and the weather was a tad crappy but in the end everyone that came had a good time..I hope! 

Conference weekend was amazing as always, I love when this weekend comes around. I always learn so much and feel the spirit so much as well. Saturday morning we held a conference party: invited a ton of people, had breakfast, then watched conference together. I love the April sessions because we get to hear all of the statistics-hearing the number of current missionaries made me smile! Missionary work is just sky rocketing and it makes me so happy! I also love that Cedar will be getting a Temple, we all decided that no matter where we are, we will all be coming back to go to that open house! I love my friends, they are great! During the break Aubrey and I ran errands like a couple of crazies. We went to smiths to get groceries, and then had lunch at chick-fil-a with Kensie!! It was my first visit to our new location and I loved it! After lunch since we did all that in time we got to take a little nap before the second half. Saturday night is the priesthood session so we girls got ready then went to dinner while we waited for the men to be done. We went to wingers and had almost the worst service ever. Our waitress was just not the best. The food was delicious though as always! After dinner and priesthood we all wanted to do something different than normal so we went to fiesta fun. We went go karting! I love love LOVE go karting! Last summer we went so much and I have a feeling this summer will be the same! After go karting we then went mini golfing-it really is a nice course I had no idea. Bob worked all day Saturday then went to a party Saturday night so he wasn't able to come to anything, it made me sad but there is not much you can do when it comes to working. After conference my favorite thing to do is to get on Facebook to see all the graphics and things that people make with quotes from the speakers-
Cedar city Temple!

Choose your friends wisely!

The Monday following conference FHE was a conference trivia, now this sounds lame but it totally wasn't! The way it's planned is more of a fear factor type thing, we answer questions then do challenges to get points. It was so fun and it was good to recap everything, I realized I retained much more than I thought I had. I really need to go get the ensign and reread them sometime soon. 

One random Tuesday was an interesting day weather wise, all of you living anywhere but St George now what I mean. I woke up that morning to warnings of snow and to be cautious while driving at work. I didn't understand why until I got past was ridiculous! The snow plows were out, there were cars that had slid off the road and I used my defroster. I got to Beaver County and felt like I had been in a coma since April and it was now December. It was mind blowing because all this happened over night! It wasn't there the day before. I got back into town and was welcomed by warmth and sunshine-it literally put me in the best mood! After work I went to the food bank to do a little bit of volunteering, it was a great experience and I will probably go back again very soon.

Wednesday the 10th was siblings day, I was unaware of the instagram shout out so I will do one here, I have thee best sisters and brother that a girl could ask for. They are a little weird and crazy but hey who isn't. I don't know what I would do with Holly, Harley, and Hailey! 

April 8th-13th was DWEEK!! I freaking love Dweek! Tuesday night the annual Dqueen pageant was held-Aubrey and I went. It was very interesting and we enjoyed it. I am just glad that one of my good friends Lydia got first attendant! I am so happy for her and just know she will do a good job! Wednesday was the outdoor concert, we didn't get to go. We also didn't go to the breaking a world record-we were under the impression that not everyone in attendance got a shirt. Basically that's the only reason we were going so we decided not to go. After the event we realized we were dead wrong and should have gone...oh well. The weekend of Dweek is the best part of Dweek for sure, that is when the great race and carnival happen. Kari and I volunteered at the great race-we helped the bikers stay on course-it was a very important job! Then Aubrey came to pick us up for dinner then we went back for the carnival. As always it was a good turn out. They did however have different things like a zipline, a fast pitch thing, and a photo booth. We made the rounds then went home to finish homework that was due at midnight (we got it done don't worry!) Saturday morning we got up bright and early to white wash the D. This is seriously my favorite tradition and I might have shed a tear or two up on that hill while singing the school song. I have a feeling that my time here at Dixie is coming to an end so I just stood up there and remembered all the great times and memories that Dixie State has given me. It was a hard three minutes but I got over it in time for the amazing free breakfast!! Saturday night I had the great opportunity to finally become a True Rebel!! It was a great experience and I am so glad that I can now say I am one! 

300225_390576317717074_346860126_n.jpg (480×621)

Since school was slowly winding down, near the end of the month Aubrey and I were getting restless and wanted to do anything but study and workout.  The graphic below says it all for me!! (if you don't know who she is or what "aint nobody got time for that" is shame on you!!! Watch this video right now!) Needless to say We spent many nights hot tubing, watching movies, and  have been in a serious dessert making mood-last spontaneous thing we made-a Dr Pepper cake...yep a Dr Pepper cake! It was pretty delicious, it needed more Dr Pepper though. 

Aubrey and I also took a rather planned but yet spontaneous trip to California!! It was the best and needs it's own post so watch for that coming up. Other than that April left as fast as it came. All my roommates are staying for summer which is good, I am not doing summer school just crossing my fingers for a nursing school acceptance letter! It should be coming soon so we will see what happens. Things with Bob have been going so very good and I am so blessed to have his wonderfulness in my life! Everyday is an adventure with him and I am excited to see how this progresses! Other mention-able things: The 22nd was my half birthday-Aubrey and I went to Dairy Queen in between study sessions to celebrate. I also went to the dentist twice and had four obnoxious cavities! I hate cavities and have vowed to not eat ice anymore...well at least as much as I can help it... And that was April 2013 for me! It was great and I am so so excited for summer 2013 and I will try to blog more! I know I always say that but I mean it! 

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  1. I hope a tear was shed for memories with me while you were white washing the D! Or at least a little smile :) Even though I was only there for a short while.... I always think of that summer daily! It was the best. I miss you like crazy!