Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Days

I love MAY!! I love summer! I haven't even been out of school for two weeks and have already had a great start to summer! The first thing happened May 2nd, I got to go see Brian Regan out at the Tuacahn and I could not have been more happy. Brian is my favorite comedian and I have only seen him live once before in high school. Bob and I headed out there and loved every minute of the whole night!! I laughed till I cried and by the end my cheeks were so sore! I will definitely be seeing him next year!

The second weekend I had the great opportunity to go home, I have so much planned the rest of the month and that weekend was the last one I had open so I left. My friend from high school Eric got married and had his open house, I also had a family member get married Saturday. It was just a full weekend of weddings and mom time! Friday after work I had lunch with Bob at durrangos then we said goodbye and I left. He was supposed to go with me but had to work we were both so mad but there isn't much you can do about work schedules. I got to Tooele late Friday night and just did laundry and went through a stack of mail the size of Texas...I really need to update my address on things  but what's the point right now. Saturday we rose early and headed to the Bountiful Temple to see my grandma's sister get married. It was such a neat experience and I got to see cousins that I haven't seen in almost 15 years! We then went to this breakfast diner that my grandpa loves, it was pretty good! After we ate we headed to the reception of my grandmas sister it was simple yet beautiful. They did a ring ceremony for those that couldn't go in the Temple then we did dancing and all the reception things. We headed home around 4 then went to Eric's reception at 6:30 it was set up very well. I loved the whole thing!! They had it in a church and they used a ton of lights and only used one set of dim church lights and they did purple and a turquoise type blue for their colors it was very pretty. It was so good to see Eric and meet his wife, I wish I could have seen more friends but we didn't stay very long. After that we rented the Guilt Trip-it was pretty funny! Sunday we went to church, then ate dinner, then I headed home. I got back to St George and found Bob anxiously awaiting my arrival it was super cute!

Last week was a wet one, Monday it rained all day long! Bob, Nat, and I were in the kitchen making dinner when all of a sudden out of no where comes this fierce rain storm!! It was accompanied by hail the size of was intense and lasted almost 20 minutes then just continued to rain for a while. We just received so much rain and water in such a short amount of time that we were not prepared for it. Our FHE for that night was scheduled outside and got canceled, streets, bridges and houses were flooding, and there was dirt and crap all over the streets too.  Tiana called me in tears saying that her house flooded and she needed help ASAP! Bob and I grabbed towels and pans then ran over to help. Apparently the back patio drain was malfunctioning and the water had no where to go besides into her kitchen and living room. Needless to say they had so many friends and ward members there to help that we got it all cleaned up in no time. The kitchen floor and carpet all needs to be replaced but no other damage was cause so they are actually quite lucky.  Here are some other pictures of the streets around my house! 

River Road

700 South

100 South
Last weekend I lost all my wisdom...teeth that is! I have been meaning to get them out for a year or so now and just never got around to it. I felt like there is no time like the present and just made the decision to get them out. I made my appointment, bought soft foods, made arrangements for people to take care of me all weekend and the rest is history. My appointment was Friday at 11:30, Tiana picked me up and there was no turning back. I got into the office, got my IV, and then woke up feeling tired, confused, and very chubby. I wasn't extra talkative or hilarious when I got out I just was sad and hurting. I got home and went to bed for the rest of the day. Tiana got my medicine and an orange peel then left me with Bob. He was seriously so great-like so great! He waited on me and made sure I was comfortable, I really adore that man. The rest of the weekend I slept a lot, Saturday I was over zealous and went shopping and hung out with Aubrey, Horrible idea. I hurt so bad after that that I took a pain pill and zonked out. Literally taking those pain pills puts me right to sleep and for like hours. I wasn't very swollen the first day but everyday since I have been such a fatty!! I even bruised too-It looks like I either have mustard on my face or a 5:00 shadow-either way is gross. I haven't quite been able to eat normal yet-I am easing into it though. Other than that I haven't had any complications or any major pain. I have been to work everyday and slept just fine. It was hard at first to be a back sleeper when I love side sleeping but I have gotten used to it. I have a check up tomorrow afternoon so we will see if everything is healing right.

My before face! 
right after waking up from surgery!

Same Day fat!

Sunday and still chubby...

today! ha still can't really tell though!

Other than that not much has been happening! I have fun filled weekend coming up and I know that it will definitely fill a post next week so until then, I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer!!

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  1. Hahahaha your swollen face is hilarious! But it also reminds me of pain! Thats good you have got them out so you dont have to worry about them later! Love and miss you!